over the course of 6 weeks Discover how to heal your hormones, so that you can live pain & symptom free

The Hormone Repair Protocol

What if you didn't dread the arrival of your period each month?

6 online learning modules going deep into; nutrition, testing, supplements, lifestyle & more. 

Weekly group coaching sessions, in a small intimate group to ensure your questions are answered. 

Resources including recipe books, meal plans, cycle tracking classes and so much more. 

Community support for the duration of the program. 

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Everything you need to heal your hormones: 

Hormones can be..tricky, right? 

In a matter of days you can go from feeling your normal self, to feeling so down, so emotional, so snappy, in pain…

Counting down the days until FINALLY your period arrives and your symptoms begin to ease.
What if it didn’t have to be this way? 

What if instead of popping pain killers, spending the night curled in a ball and feeling like you could pop, cry burst you could experience pain and symptom free periods?

It is possible to heal your hormones and to feel like yourself consistently across the month. With the right investigations, foundations and a little strategy your symptoms can change in a matter of weeks. 

The Hormone Repair Protocol will walk you through everything you need to know to go from periods that are irregular, painful, heavy, emotional, moody featuring acne and breast pain to a period that just ‘shows up’. 


the hormone
repair protocol


Before I was so tired, it was an effort to get through the day. Now I have so much more energy, and my bloating is completely done! 


Solaine made me feel like I wasn't crazy, like so many doctors did dismissing my concerns. I now feel amazing and my post-pill symptoms are all under control.


I have also noticed my digestion, skin and eyes are clearer and my moods have improved dramatically too. Solaine as completely turned my life around and I am so grateful. 

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brave women

Let's heal those hormones

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