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This week’s episode of Holistic Health Chats is a re-air of an episode shared earlier this year. Over the next few weeks we are running a PCOS series, so if you have PCOS stay tuned over the next few weeks and if you know someone in your life who has PCOS I would LOVE if […]

PCOS – Diagnosis, Insulin Resistance & Remission Strategies with Solaine Douglas


Hello & welcome to another episode of the podcast. This episode we are chatting about all things gut testing. Our podcast guest this week is none other than Sheradyn Dekker, this is Sheradyns second time on the podcast so if you haven’t heard her first episode I highly recommend going back to listen to this. […]

Gut Testing – How to Know When it’s Time to Invest & What Type of Testing You Need with Sheradyn Dekker


Welcome to another episode, this week I am chatting with Shahna Sarpi on all things habit creating, maintenance and overcoming self sabotage. We cover tangible steps to make and break habits, how to optimise your environment for the habits you wish to create, how to recognise and overcome self-sabotage. I hope you loved this episode […]

How to Become Habitually Healthy & Overcome Self-Sabotage with Shahna Sarpi


This episode is a re-aired episode of yours truly being interviewed by Steph Lowe from The Natural Nutritionist. Steph and I explore the topic of thyroid nodules, something I have been working more with in clinic recently. Thyroid nodules are far more common than we think, but I believe we miss them due largely to […]

Thyroid Nodules – Frequency, Relevance, Treatment & More with Solaine Douglas


In this week’s episode of the podcast I am joined by Danielle Svensson, in case you hadn’t heard the news you can now find Danielle consulting in clinic at Solaine Douglas Nutrition and she’s a wealth of knowledge on all things hormones. In this episode we are opening up a conversation around endometriosis. A condition […]

Endometriosis – Strategies to Reduce Flares & Inflammation with Danielle Svensson & Solaine Douglas


Today’s episode is all about HPA-axis dysfunction. In case you are unfamiliar with this term, it’s just the fancy way of saying dysfunction caused to the body via chronic physical and or psychological stress. In this episode Danielle and I explore the role of the HPA-axis, different forms of stress in our modern world, the […]

HPA Axis Dysfunction – The Implication Across Health Conditions with Danielle Svensson & Solaine Douglas


In this week’s episode of Holistic Health Chats I am speaking with Osteopath and friend Imagin Hogan-Grey. If you’ve never heard of, or wondered what an Osteopath does this is a great episode to tune into. In this episode we cover how Osteopathic care differs from Chiropractic care, what appointments entail, common issues Imagin is […]

How Osteopathy Can Help You + 3 Daily Practices to Improve Your Posture with Imagin Hogan-Grey


I was lucky enough to get the call back on one of my favourite podcasts, Health Happiness & Human Kind. In this week’s episode of Holistic Health Chats I am re-sharing a recent conversation I shared with Steph Lowe where we explore thyroid health. Thyroid issues including hypothyroidism, Hashimotos and Graves are conditions that I […]

Thyroid Health – Key Nutrients, Thyroxine, Autoimmunity & More with Solaine Douglas


In this week’s episode of Holistic Health Chats I am chatting with Fran Dargaville. Fran is a gut health Nutritionist specialising in issues like IBS, IBD, reflux, gastritis & more. In this week’s chat Fran and I unpack relux, heartburn, the frequent and long-term use of PPI’s or antacids along with the issues surrounding this, […]

Reflux, Heartburn & Finding Your Root Cause with Fran Dargaville


In this week’s episode of Holistic Health Chats I interviewed as a guest speaker on Steph Lowe’s podcast Health Happiness & Human Kind. Steph and I cover various facets of women’s health, menstrual health education and the various problems that exist in the standard of care. The specific areas we cover include birth control and […]

Menstrual Health Education & The Standard of Care with Steph Lowe & Solaine Douglas


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