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In Today’s podcast I am speaking with Nutritionist Elly McLean on all things fat loss. We cover the difference between weight loss and fat loss, major flaws on both sides of the calorie equation and what to explore if you’ve been trying to lose fat but nothing seems to be working for you.  Show Notes […]

Fat Loss: Why The Calorie Equation is Flawed & What To Do Instead with Elly McLean


In today’s episode I am being interviewed again by the incredible Steph Lowe – looking specifically at testing, superfoods and supplements. We cover our concerns with the current diagnostic model, the Rotterdam Criteria, and create clarity on how to achieve an accurate diagnosis. We explore testing accuracy, the role of insulin resistance, the key nutrition […]

PCOS – Tests, Superfoods & Supplementation with Steph Lowe and Solaine Douglas


Hello! Happy 2023 to you!  Today is a solo episode with 10 tips to help you achieve better health in 2023. I am covering;  Please don’t be overwhelmed. I recommend just choosing 1–3 areas to focus on. Set small goals that you are willing to commit to. Here’s to your health in 2023! Show Notes […]

10 Tips For Better Health in 2023 with Solaine Douglas


Welcome back to another episode! In today’s episode we are covering the tests you should get if you have PCOS. Including what day of your cycle to test, what tests I recommend, what your LH to FSH ratio means, where treatment strategies for PCOS should be focused & so much more.  Show Notes Follow Solaine […]

Tests To Get If You Have PCOS with Solaine Douglas


Welcome back to another episode of Holistic Health Chats. This week I’m back with Danielle and we are covering the most common problems we are seeing with both the supplement industry and clients who are self-prescribing. In today’s episode we cover:  Show Notes Follow Solaine online – 

Issues with Self Prescribing Supplements with Danielle Svensson


Welcome back to another episode – Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Danielle again. We are catching up over all things progesterone. We cover the role of progesterone in fertility and overall health, signs and symptoms of low progesterone, how to know if you ovulate and when to test progesterone as well as […]

Inadequate Progesterone: What Causes It & How to Fix It with Danielle Svensson


Active women listen up. Today’s episode we are chatting about all things nutritional requirements, and low energy availability in athletes and runners with Alethea Mills. Now, before you say – but I’m not an athlete. If you work out, we still consider you an athlete – so continue listening.  Show Notes Follow Solaine online –  […]

Nutrition Requirements & Low Energy Availability in Athletes and Runners with Alethea Mills


This episode is a little bit different than most. More of a personal share than educational. I wanted to record my birth story purely for myself to be able to go back and listen to it and reminisce on what was the most intense, hard but equally amazing experience of my life so far. I […]

The Birth Story of Lumi Moses with Solaine Douglas


I have to start out by apologizing, it’s been a minute since I’ve released a new episode and honestly I had a baby and thought that I would be able to keep producing a podcast each week but it all just became a little bit much and so I decided to take a short hiatus. […]

Fasting, Restrictive Diets and Caffeine: How it’s Affecting Your HPA Axis with Danielle Svensson


Over the next few weeks we are running a PCOS series, so if you have PCOS stay tuned over the next few weeks and if you know someone in your life who has PCOS I would LOVE if you would share the podcast with her. PCOS is a hormonal condition which isn’t well understood, marked […]

Differentiating Hypothalamic Amenorrhea from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with Solaine Douglas


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