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9 Things That Need To Change in The Standard of Care Being Provided to Girls and Women with Solaine Douglas

Fertility Awareness Method & Using Daysy to Track Your Menstrual Cycle with Nat Kringoudis

The Role of The Thyroid in Sex Hormone Balance and Fertility with Jacqui Lamplugh

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– Kiri

"This is such a fantastic podcast! Solaine is so knowledgeable and approaches women’s health in such a clear and digestible way."

– Ruby

"Solaine is so incredibly knowledgeable and explains things in such an articulate way. Absolutely loving this podcast so far and cannot wait for more episodes!"

– Tegan

"Solaine is extremely knowledgeable and explains things in an easy to understand way. She irons out all of the confusion and myths around women’s health and fertility and helps you to really understand and get in tune with your body."

– Holly

"A new podcast and I can already tell it's going to be a favourite. Solaine brings such a lovely quality to her episodes and I'm so looking forward to where she goes next."

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Nat Kringoudis, Ashleigh Norris, Jema Lee, Cass Dunn

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In today’s chat we are talking all about living in tune with your menstrual cycle, what that looks like, along with tools and strategies you can begin implementing today. 

Living in Tune with Your Cycle with Jema Lee

Today I chatted to Roz Rowen from Natural Pets Aus to discuss everything from dog food, the benefits of feeding a species appropriate diet, alternatives to chemical worming treatments and the potential structural damage that collars can cause, particularly if used with force. 

Raising Healthy Pets Holistically with Roz Rowen

How we can ‘choose’ to be happy in our lives now, we touch on the curse of being chronically busy (something I see in many of my female clients), the importance of finding your people in 2021 and what we can be doing to connect even when we aren’t allowed to see each other due to lockdowns and isolation.

Simple Strategies For More Happiness in Life with Cass Dunn

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Here to guide women who are ready to make changes to their health, ready to transform their symptoms so that they can live their best and healthiest life possible. 
Nutrition is confusing. Hormones are more confusing. Too many women are told they are “fine”, that their symptoms are “normal” - because they are common. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

With the right nutrition approach, some testing and a little strategy it is possible to heal. 

Your dog, pilates and coffee obsessed women’s health Nutritionist. 

I'm Solaine! Welcome to my corner of the internet

Meet Your Hormones Obsessed Nutritionist 

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