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Do you offer functional testing? 

What are your qualifications?

Do you do one-off consultations?

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Do you offer Private Health Rebates? 

As a qualified Nutritionist many funds offer rebates as part of elected extra's cover. We recommend contacting your fund for information on rebate amounts. 

In my experience as a practitioner, change and healing take time. I offer 4-6 month 1:1 programs to new clients. One-off sessions will be available as needed after completion of a program. 

Bachelor of Nutrition (Griffith University, QLD) 
Masters Reproductive Medicine (UNSW, Sydney) - Currently Member Complementary Medicine Association

Yes. I always recommend and encourage comprehensive blood testing with the support of your GP. If necessary I may recommend additional testing such as: Complete Microbiome Map (gut testing), DUTCH (hormone testing) or Salivary Hormone Testing. 

Where are you located?

At the moment I live in Queensland Australia, but all my services are offered online. So wherever you are in the world if you have WiFi, we can work together! 

Book a 15 minute complimentary consultation. We will chat about your current health concerns, health goals and what is the best option to get you there. If I am not the practitioner to help you, I'll do my best to refer you on. 


Book a Complimentary
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