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Heavy periods and prolonged bleeding are two very common PCOS symptoms. In this episode I am breaking down what a normal period is, what is classified as a heavy period (in real word terms), what the common causes of heavy periods are and how you can start correcting heavy periods if this is an issue […]

Heavy Periods & PCOS


In today’s episode I’m breaking down the 3 most common reasons why you may be struggling with losing weight with PCOS. As an insight into how I think through these symptoms, it always starts with asking why? Why aren’t you losing weight? Can we find out why via testing? If we can find out why, […]

Struggling to Lose Weight with PCOS? Here’s The Tests I Recommend


Endometrial hyperplasia is a very common issue in PCOS. It can cause increased risk of endometrial cancers and some awful symptoms like prolonged bleeding. In this episode we cover what endometrial hyperplasia is, why it is common in PCOS, conventional treatment options and natural strategies.  HIGHLIGHTS FOLLOW HOW TO WORK WITH ME

Endometrial Hyperplasia & PCOS: Why It Happens & What You Can Do About It


BBT (basal body temperature) tracking is one of the most effective tools to pinpoint ovulation in PCOS. In this episode I’ll cover why it’s a far better option than using LH strips, how it can help you to accurately check your progesterone levels and the length of the luteal phase.  HIGHLIGHTS FOLLOW HOW TO WORK […]

Using BBT Tracking to Pin Point Ovulation in PCOS


High insulin is without a doubt the number 1 cause of why you aren’t losing weight with PCOS. There are other possibilities including low thyroid function, but high insulin and blood sugar dysregulation is the most common.  Let’s unpack what’s happening in the body when you have high insulin:  Insulin and Blood Sugar Regulation: 👉🏼 […]

How Insulin Causes Weight Gain in PCOS


This week on the podcast I am answering 3 questions which have been submitted via Instagram.  Let me know if you like this kind of episode? FOLLOW HOW TO WORK WITH ME

Instagram Q & A – Answering Your Continuous Glucose Monitor Questions


This week on the podcast I am answering 3 questions which have been submitted via Instagram.  Let me know if you like this kind of episode? FOLLOW HOW TO WORK WITH ME

Instagram Q & A – Answering Your PCOS Questions


Have you considered taking Ozempic? I am genuinely concerned about this drug. It’s taken the internet by storm. Ozempic is being prescribed more and more for PCOS…sometimes, off label as a weight loss drug.  In this episode I am chatting with Nutritionist Steph Lowe about Ozempic. We cover our concerns around the use of this […]

Ozempic – Side Effects, Long Term Considerations, Weight Loss Alternatives


Zoe came off the pill in late 2022 after 10 years taking it, and didn’t get a period. In early 2023 she suspected that something wasn’t right and went to see her GP to seek a diagnosis, she was later diagnosed with PCOS.  Not long after her diagnosis Zoe delved into the world of researching […]

PCOS Case Study – Reducing PCOS Symptoms Using Nutrition, Lifestyle and Supplements After 10 Years On The Pill


How long will it take for your PCOS symptoms to improve? Of course, the answer to this is very individual but in the episode I’ll explain how long most symptoms take and how to know if you’re on the right track.  In general you’ll see improvements in symptoms like energy levels, weight loss and digestive […]

How Long Will it Take For Your PCOS Symptoms to Improve


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